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A Pilot reactor is ready to be tested

The new full-scale pilot bioreactor of Ecolution is ready and first test runs have been started. The reactor is about 7 m high, has a diameter of about 3,5 m and is designed to process 1000-1500 tn of biowaste per year. The reactor is placed in Masala, Kirkkonummi in the vicinity of Helsinki.

Ecolution’s new board 2016

Eco­lu­tion comes forward with the new board. Tane­li Has­si­nen is the new chair­man of the board. Two new inte­res­ting mem­bers are Oscar Ander­sin and Pasi Hima­nen. They bring in expe­rience and exper­ti­se in ent­repre­neurs­hip, start-ups, VC financing and inno­va­tion of recycling equip­ment.

Financing and business management expertize into Board

Hen­rik Ander­sin brings more financing and busi­ness mana­ge­ment exper­tize into Eco­lu­tion Board. Hen­rik Ander­sin has valuable expe­rience in growing a financíal com­pa­ny from start-up size into lar­ge cor­po­ra­tion, Evli Bank. Hen­rik Ander­sin brings more pas­sion in fast com­mercia­liza­tion into Eco­lu­tion team.

Investment opportunity in Ecolution

Today the­re is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to invest in Eco­lu­tion. Eco­lu­tion strengt­hens financing with a fun­drai­sing round and welco­mes new inves­tors. During 2015, Eco­lu­tion opens 200 000 € financing round for taking Eco­lu­tion bio­reac­tor busi­ness furt­her. Eco­lu­tion goes after glo­bal cate­go­ry lea­ders­hip in decent­ra­lized biowas­te recycling. Glo­bal biowas­te mar­ket will be doubled during the next eight…
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