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Nutrient Content of Reactor Treated Okara

(“Utilazion of Okara Products”, test report by Helsinki University, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, 2019)

In most fertilization experiments, it has been found that organic fertilization yields only 50-80% of the yield compared to mineral fertilization. In this experiment, organic fertilizer yielded a significantly better result, so okara fertilizer can be considered as an effective organic fertilizer.

The reactor-treated okara contains the most nutrients, but the biggest difference is in the soluble nitrogen content, which is significantly increased (5,5x) in the reactor treatment. For all other defined nutrients, the reactor treatment increases the nutrient concentration by 10-25%. Reactor treated okara is an organic fertilizer with a nutrient content of (N) 7 % and (K) 1.4 % and furthermore it contains sulphur. The product contains about 10% moisture when treated in a reactor, so it is very stable and suitable for fertilizer use.

Reactor treated okara is suitable as a fertilizer preparation according to the Finnish Food Authority’s Type 1B2 / 1 fertilizers. Okara is a technically produced product containing organic matter of plant origin. Reactor treated okara is also suitable for organic farming, since it is a by-product of manufacturing tofu and soy milk, which are made completely mechano-biologically, without addition of any chemical that could prevent its use as an organic fertilizer.