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Paten­ted Eco­lu­tion Smart Bio­reac­tor can treat biomass near it’s crea­tion point safe­ly and envi­ron­ment friend­ly.

The reactor can be placed on-site, where the waste originates. It requires little space and only electrical and drain connections.

An aerobic process, where microbes decompose the okara in optimized conditions and without additives.

In the process, the okara is hygienized at rising temperatures, losing about 75% of its mass.

The process generates water and carbon dioxide as well as the finished product with all its valuable organic and non-organic nutrients (e.g. nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium).

Thus, the end product can be used as an organic fertilizer.


The first commercial reactor is built in Shanghai, China and will be started up during the autumn 2019

The capacity of the reactor is about 500 tons/year.